Manager’s Corner

April 28, 2024

Spring greetings to Emerald Seas Owners,

We hope everyone has enjoyed their time spent at Emerald Seas this past year. We saw many of you during our time there in the winter and really enjoyed catching up with all of our friends from near and far. It was nice to see our owners enjoying the improvements made to Emerald Seas over the last year.

We want to let our owners know that The Emerald Seas Owners’ Association, Inc., Annual Membership Meeting Minutes, from the March 14, 2024 meeting, have been posted on our web page.  Please log into the owner’s page to review them.

 After much anticipation, we have finally received all of the components for the electrical panel work required by our insurance company on the South building.

This work is scheduled to be completed by early summer. The Board’s goal is to have the North building completed by Fall.

 We also want to let the owners know that Elizabeth, who worked in the office, has left Emerald Seas to pursue her career. She recently graduated from college with her accounting degree. We wish her the best in her future. Other personnel changes have occurred as well. Please welcome our new office staff when you arrive next time.

Your Board members are hard at work on further improvements at Emerald Seas. We hope everyone has a healthy and happy spring.


 Your Emerald Seas Board of Directors

Winter/Spring 2024

As we begin 2024, we would like to welcome back our Emerald Seas winter season owners. It is always a great time to reconnect with family and friends while relaxing in the sun at one of our two pools or on our beautiful, sandy beach. I hope you will join us as we catch up on each other’s past year under our beautiful new tiki hut and bar.

Diana Berlin, your President

Update March 2024 – please read! We hope this clears up any issues regarding unit listings. Thank you!  Emerald Seas Rental Procedures and Requirements

Photo credit: Brandi Carmichael

Hello, Summer 2023!

The Deerfield Beach beach restoration is complete and the beach is beautiful.  If you are interested in seeing pictures, as well as what is going on in Deerfield Beach, view the Facebook page “What’s going on in Deerfield Beach.”

Welcome back all our owners who haven’t been with us during the pandemic.  It was great visiting with everyone.  

Congratulations Kevin and Tracy who were married under the Tiki Hut at Emerald Seas. 

Making Improvements, we are all ready for the busy season! (December 2022)

First of all, the Emerald Seas Board of Directors would like to welcome Elizabeth back at the front desk and congratulate her on the birth of her second daughter.  

Next, we have been busy! New darkening drapes have been installed on all door walls and windows.  No more blinds falling on the floor.  A huge thank you to the Emerald Seas Board of Directors and owners who volunteered to remove the blinds, install new rods, hang the drapes and curtains and then steam each one.  Below is picture of the group who did this enormous job and saved Emerald Seas Homeowners thousands of dollars.  Also, a picture of the new drapes on the door walls.

Volunteers relaxing after the work day was done!  The guys cooking 100 chicken wings for dinner under the tiki hut.  Everyone then relaxed and enjoyed the view.

More great news!   Emerald Seas has new washing machines and dryers in the owners’ laundry room.   The laundry room has been painted and new shelves added.  A new folding table has been added for convenience of folding your laundry.  A picture below shows the upgraded appearance of the laundry room. 

Everyone will be happy to know that the upgrade of all the kitchens is completed.  I hope each owner enjoys the new cabinets and countertops.  A picture below shows the new kitchen.

As you enjoy the Tiki hut at Emerald Seas you will notice new Edison style lights strung around the top with yellow lights, which will not need to be changed for the turtle season.  A new fan with a light replaced the previous one.  Also, a new timer has been installed for each one.  Below is a picture of the Tiki hut all lit up. 

After much planning and time the south building of Emerald Seas has a completely new roof.  The old boards, tiles and facias were replaced.  A drone picture of the new roof is added below.

Below are drone pictures provided by Al Sample of the entire property of Emerald Seas.

There were two large unexpected repairs that have been completed at Emerald Seas which the owners cannot see.  First, a water leak under the floor of the housekeeper’s room was discovered.  The repair caused the floor to be damaged as well as the walkway between the north and south buildings. The walkway had to be cut and repaired.  Second, a gas pipe was found to be leaking near the north pool.  To repair this the property needed to be closed around the north pool as well as the north building.  Trenching and underground boring was used to replace the pipe.  A big thank you to our management company, Highmark, LLC, for getting these repairs done in a timely manner and paid for with funds we had available.

The Joys of Summer at the Seas – Our Owners Know! (May 2022)

Happy summer everyone, from one of Florida’s finest beach rental vacation communities! These fabulous photos were provided by Joey Blevins. The Blevins own multiple weeks at Emerald Seas and have been gracing our shore for many years. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Joey! If there are other owners interested in submitting their vacation pics, please visit our Facebook page. Thank you!

******  A word from the president of the board of directors…..

February  12, 2019

Dear Friends and Fellow Owners:

Over the past number of years there have been many positive changes to our Emerald Seas, and those changes will continue. One of the things we are most proud of is, upon your arrival you step into a sparkling clean, well ordered unit. First impressions count! So, needless to say, this does not just “happen”, this is the result of a well thought out strategy. In order for us to achieve this goal we all need to abide by the rules: I.E. check-in no earlier than 3PM and check-out no later than 10 AM (Stay overs are cleaned on Fridays). One family leaving late disrupts the whole process and can make it hard on those checking in. The same is true for those pushing staff to get in early. Also our maintenance staff will be pleased to help you with your luggage IF and only IF they are not otherwise engaged in a “must do” repair.

Peter D. (Pete) Smith,  President ESOA



Emerald Seas (#0555)

Congratulations! Emerald Seas has earned the RCI® Hospitality property designation for 2019!

RCI presents your property with this award in recognition of its exceptional customer service. We applaud you and your staff for your strong commitment to customer satisfaction, which was reflected in a compilation of Exchange guest Comment Card assessments.

The RCI® Resort Recognition Program is part of our commitment to exceeding the vacation expectations of your owners and RCI subscribing members. Meeting the standards set by the Program proves that you are providing quality vacation experiences, and we are proud to be affiliated with your property. To help you spread the word of this significant accomplishment, we will send you a press release template soon that you can send to local media outlets.

Again, congratulations to you and your entire staff from all of us at RCI, and thank you for sharing our ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding experiences.

Best wishes for continued success!


Gordon Gurnik

President, RCI