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Association Owned Units

The Emerald Seas Owners Association has a number of units available throughout the year for sale or for rent. Units and weeks available are constantly changing. Please call 954.427.1300 or send an email to [email protected].

If you are new to Emerald Seas please check out our accommodations.

New Listings Option

Listings submitted by Wednesday 7PM Eastern Time will be available on our website by 7PM the following Monday.

Please be sure to add a brief description of your property and to select at least one form of contact (phone and/or email) on the listing submission form.

If we need to confirm your information, the office will contact you. To avoid any delays, please be sure to provide the office with any requested details. Thank you

Note to owners: once you have sold or rented your units, please submit a request to delete your listing. Thank you!

Current Listings


• Unit 106 (1 BR) Week 49 (December 9 – 16) Sale: $1,600 Contact: David Read Phone: (905) 332-4148 Email: [email protected] This ground floor unit can sleep up to 6 in 1 queen bed and 2 sofa beds. A well-equipped kitchen with stove top, microwave, toaster oven, blender, dishwasher and full-size refrigerator. Eating area, living room, bathroom, 2 TV’s, Wi-Fi. The ground floor patio has a pool/ocean view and contains a table, chairs and loungers.

Wanted to Buy or Trade or Rent

• Looking for any unit, week  7 and 8 for 2024 Contact: Mary McKenna Phone: (917) 805-4180 Email: [email protected]

• Week 7 Looking to purchase any size unit. Contact: Lorraine Mongiello Phone: (631) 921-6807 Email: [email protected]

• Week 8 Would very much like to rent or buy week 8. Thanks! Contact: Lorraine Mongiello Phone: (631) 921-6807 Email: [email protected]

• Week 8 Contact: Christina Tetrault Email: [email protected] Looking to rent or buy week 8, 1 bedroom. Contact Christina Tetrault [email protected]

• Looking to purchase – Week 10 Contact: Tom Butts Phone: (937) 673-6135 Email: [email protected]

• Weeks 10 & 11 Contact: David Vaccarello Looking to rent and or buy weeks 10 and 11 beginning in 2023. Please contact me at (603) 702-0144 or [email protected]  Thank you!

• Looking to purchase any size unit week 15 or 17. Contact: Karen VonDollen, Phone: (518) 428 -1271 Email: [email protected]

• Week 52 Looking to rent. Week 52. Larger unit preferred. Contact: Mike Millington Email: [email protected]