Board of Directors

Peter D. Smith - Pres.
Hi, my name is Peter D. (Pete) Smith, I was elected to the Board in 2014 and after Walter Zamojski’s departure in February of 2015, I was elected resident. At the same time I asked Highmark Management to take over the operational aspects of Emerald Seas. Judy Mathews-Gray was and is our rep. Because of our Board and staff plus Judy’s knowledge of our industry, we have progressed from insolvency to financial security in three short years. We look forward to keeping our family values intact and to continue to upgrade our “winter home”.



Diana Berlin - Exec. VP
Hello, I am Diana Berlin. I live in Lake Orion, Michigan with
my husband, Dave. I am retired from many years as a
legal secretary. I have two married children and five
grandchildren. I enjoy spending time golfing, on the water
and playing with my grandchildren. My husband and I
bought our first unit at Emerald Seas in 1983 and now own
five weeks. My family owns 12 weeks. I refer to Emerald
Seas as my winter “happy place”.



Judy Morrison
My husband, Lee, and I reside in Pittsburgh, PA. We have owned 10 weeks for approximately 18 years, some in February and March, and others in August. We were actively instrumental in the initial Owners’ takeover of the Board and subsequent control of the Resort.
My education consists of a BS and two Masters Degrees in education and business administration, and I’ve also had training in interior design.
Having owned and managed my rental properties for forty-plus years, I have extensive knowledge as an investor and manager and, therefore, held leadership and decision-making roles. Emerald Seas is my love and commitment, and I believe I have the education, skill, talent and time to benefit the Board and our Owners.


T.J. Parker - Treasurer
My professional background includes experience on other
boards with fiduciary responsibilities. I am a Way2Win,
LLC Partner, which specializes in business strategy and
leadership development.As a year round resident of Boca
Raton, FL, I really appreciate how uniquely special
Emerald Seas is. As owners of multiple units since 1982,
our family enjoys long-term friendships with other owners
and their families. (We have grandchildren playing with
friends’ grandchildren.)


Vinny D'Angelo - Secretary
Hi, My name is Vinny D'Angelo. I have been an owner for
about 30 years. I currently own three units and have seen it
all. I am a local of South Florida. My background is
primarily in construction and property management. I have
had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of you. We have a
great Board and staff, and we all look forward to making
your stay a great experience for you and your families.
Looking forward to meeting more of you in person.



Madeline Dobranski
I live in Cambridge, Ontario and I have been an owner at
Emerald Seas since 1981. I originally owned weeks 51 &
52 and have since added weeks 50 and 1. Altogether, with
my son and daughter, we own 13 weeks. I have been on the
Board since the beginning, but was never told I was elected nor
was I ever called for a boardmeeting (as there was none).
I’m very impressed with the work that the new Board has
accomplished, and thankfulthat all suggestions are now
being taken seriously.



Marilyn Wasleski
Hi! My name is Marilyn Wasleski and I have been an
owner at Emerald Seas for over 25 years. I own two
weeks in May and two weeks in November. I always enjoy
coming down from my home in Maryland. I have never
traded my weeks because I enjoy relaxing at our resort. It
is very quiet and peaceful. As a Board member, I plan to
continue the efforts to keep our resort “the gem” that our
Board president has so truthfully referred to it as. If you are
down weeks 18, 19, 44, or 45, please find me and say